The 5 stages of workplace culture

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"Culture is the leader who's in the room when you're not" is the new phrase currently scaring CTOs and other leaders worldwide. If you don't build your culture, your culture will build you. And employees in the tech industry are getting wiser and demanding more - some chocolate biscuits and a go-karting trip and NOT going cut it.

I've spent the latter part of my career working full-time on Softwire's culture. In my role as Managing Director from 2012-2020 the more time I invested in culture, the more I saved elsewhere. Getting your culture right gets your team on your side, and having your team on your side means that everyone is pulling together to solve molehills before they become mountains.

Distilled into 5 succinct stages, this is my whistlestop tour of how to build a world-class engineering culture.

Zoe Cunningham


Zoe Cunningham is an award-winning technology professional and currently a Director of Softwire Technology, one of the Sunday Times “Best Places to Work 2021”. She won Business Leader of the Year at the UK Women in IT Awards 2019 and has been selected by the BBC as the Brightest Woman in Britain. Zoe has published three books, including "Galvanising the Geeks" detailing her approach to technical project management.

See Zoe talk on "The 5 stages of workplace culture" at 13:20 on Thursday 12th in the Gallery Hall.

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