The Four Key Metrics, Unleashed!

Development Practices
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Listed on the Thoughtworks tech radar under “adopt” since 2019, the four key metrics are transforming the face of software development.

The idea behind them is really simple - optimise for lead time, deployment frequency, change failure rate, and median time to restore - but getting them up and running, and then embedding them within your team and across your organisation isn't so simple.

Why? To begin with you'll have to answer questions like "when does lead time start and stop?", "which deploys do we count and which do we ignore? (Do infra builds count? What happens if you’re not in production?)", and "what makes a change failure, and how do we tell when service is restored?" Then you have to gather all these stats automatically.

I’ve rolled out these metrics for multiple companies. I’ll share my lessons learned solving all these problems, and also tackle the far more important topic: how you can use all this data to make your teams awesome!

Andrew Harmel-Law


An over-enthusiastic Tech Principal; Andrew specialises in Java / JVM technologies, agile delivery, build tools and automation, and domain driven design. Experienced across the software development lifecycle and in many sectors including government, banking, and eCommerce, what motivates him is the production of large-scale software solutions, fulfilling complex client requirements. He understands that people, tooling, architecture and process all have key roles to play in achieving this. Andrew has a passion for open source software and its communities. He has been interested in and involved with OSS to a greater or lesser extent since his career began; as a user, contributor, expert group member, or paid advocate.