Smooth Sailing in the Cloud-Native Storm: Tools for better confidence in microservices development
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Gallery Hall

Starting with cloud-native apps may represent a steep learning curve! It’s not only a matter of architecture or technology but also a paradigm shift on developer experience and workflow. Even before writing code, configuring your entire test environment might be intimidating! And after that you still have to figure out how to validate your microservices with great confidence to release them independently!
In this session, we present tools to ease your life when setting up your development environment and testing with databases, middlewares, cloud services and your regular business services and API! Considering the diversity of styles and protocols - REST, gRPC, GraphQL, Async - and cloud-native stacks - this latter is not an easy task.
This session provides hands-on experience on: how to equip your team with a consistent and polyglot approach. And how to let them develop locally, but providing confidence with a unified policy between the inner and the outer loops.
Oleg Šelajev
Oleg Šelajev is doing Testcontainers and DevRel at Docker, working on making local development and testing bring joy. Developer. Java Champion. Docker captain.
Loves all languages.