Ultra-fast Java In-Memory Database Apps & Microservices with MicroStream

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MicroStream is a high-performance micro persistence built for microservices and serverless functions. MicroStream lets you process data in memory, enables microsecond query time, incredible throughput and workloads, it eliminates expensive mappings and latencies. The new MicroStream cluster allows you to build extremely powerful distributed apps. MicroStream is open source, easy to use, and part of project Helidon. 

Markus Kett

MicroStream Software GmbH

Markus and his team have been working on IDE tools for Java and database development for almost 20 years. He is the product owner of the RapidClipse IDE project, which is a free Eclipse distribution and visual Java IDE. Markus is co-founder and CEO at MicroStream - the company behind the MicroStream open source project, contributor to project Helidon, editor in chief for the free JAVAPRO magazine in Germany, and organizer of the Java conference JCON. He is an independent editor for various developer magazines, and speaker at numerous conferences, and user groups.