Speaker Details

Erin Schnabel

Red Hat

Erin Schnabel (@ebullientworks) is a Distinguished Engineer and maker of things at Red Hat. She is a Java Champion, with over 25 years under her belt as a developer, technical leader, architect and advocate, and she strongly prefers being up to her elbows in code. Erin learns (and teaches) by coding ridiculous things, like "Monster Combat" (https://github.com/ebullient/monster-combat), an application that makes monsters fight each other to explore application metrics; and “Game On! Text Adventure” (https://gameontext.org) for exploring cloud native development.

Take a walk on the Client Side

DevNation Day

In this talk, we'll take a walk on the client side: we'll explore how you can use JBang, Spring, Quarkus command-mode, client-oriented extensions, and straight-up Java goodness to create badass native command-line apps that can do all the things.