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Aurea Munoz Hernandez

Red Hat

I am a software developer since 2005 and I develop Java web applications. I live in Madrid and I'm working for Red Hat  with a focus on the integration of Spring Boot & Spring Cloud technology within the Red Hat Middleware portfolio. I contribute to existing or new Spring(Boot) & Cloud projects and enhance the developer experience by developing tools around Spring(Boot) technology. I have the willingness to learn in all aspects, and actively contribute to the development of tomorrow's best practices.

Fantastic Java Apps and how to kubify them with Dekorate

DevNation Day

Kubernetes is growing in popularity with developers because it allows you to replicate infrastructure in your development environment. Yet, working with Kubernetes and its family of tools - Knative, Helm, Jaeger, or Tekton - often involves creating and maintaining cumbersome YAML files. 

Join us to learn how to generate Kubernetes, Knative, Helm, or Tekton resources for Java applications using the comfort of developer-friendly Dekorate configurations in your favorite Quarkus or SpringBoot application. Working with these resources will be as easy as adding a jar into the class path, and customizing them will be possible using Java Annotations, properties files, or both. Let's Dekorate together the next generation of kubified Java applications!