Speaker Details

Hannah Smith

Hannah is a freelance WordPress developer from Bristol with a BSc in Computer Science. Before freelance life she honed her management skills at the Environment Agency, a large and complex UK government department, where she led large organisational business change projects. She is a project lead within the Climate Action Tech movement and helps to run the Extinction Rebellion UK websites team. She’s also an active member of the WordPress community having organised conferences and meet-ups for many years. She also likes dogs, plants and snow.

What if our tech communities declared a climate emergency?

Green Tech

Humanity is facing an unprecedented crisis from the effects of climate change. The science is clear: the world is warming, and the breakdown of our climate has begun.

Across the world bodies of authority such as governments, local councils and businesses are declaring a climate emergency as a way of creating a powerful catalyst for community-wide action.

This talk will explore:

  • how the internet and tech impacts upon the environment
  • what could happen if our tech communities declared a climate emergency


Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and inspiration!