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Mey Beisaron

Mey is a Senior Software Engineer and an international public speaker.

In her years of experience as a Backend Developer, Mey has developed in multiple programming languages, including Nodejs, Java, Python, Groovy, and her favorite, Clojure.

Mey loves spending her weekends playing Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo Switch.

As Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Forter, Mey is currently leading the complex migration of 400+ services to Kubernetes.

May the force be with you.

The Terrifying Migration of 420 Services to Kubernetes
Byte Size (INTERMEDIATE level)
Get ready for a spine-tingling experience as I take you through the K8s Horror Show - the frightening migration of 420 services to Kubernetes.
Our brave heroes thought they could handle anything, but they were not prepared for what lay ahead.
In this talk, I will share hair-raising experiences and discuss the complexities of migrating a big company to K8s.
You'll be on the edge of your seat as I reveal what worked and what we thought would work.
Join me if you dare, and see if you have what it takes to survive the K8s Horror Show.
As developers, we just want to write code, but sometimes we are required not only to write the code but also to present our project to stakeholders, other teams (ours included), or publicly share the knowledge. So, how do we do it with little effort and still maintain a high quality presentation?
While there's plenty of public speaking tutorials, this practical workshop will provide you the tools to leverage the Algorithm for creating an effective & memorable technical presentation for your specific use cases.
In this workshop we will dive deep into the steps of the Tech-Talks Algorithm including:
* Explaining technical ideas in a clear and interesting way
* Figuring out the best way for presenting code snippets or complex system architecture
* Providing enough context without "losing the audience" when explaining complicated algorithms and graphs flow.
What are you waiting for? Register now! I promise lots of fun and Star Wars memes 😉 
In this talk, I will share the method that revolutionised my ability to learn new programming languages, transforming me from someone who struggles with 5-minute YouTube tutorials into a developer who is continuously learning new languages: C, Go, Javascript and even Clojure. Join me to discover how you can also learn new programming languages while having fun at every step of the journey.