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Joep Kokkeler


Data engineering geek who loves to interface with oranges at the request of the client! Prefers open source and has done miles in enterprise environments/tooling/companies. Likes to run when possible, likes to take it slow with yoga and likes to frustrate himself with golf. All in his spare time.

Be safer on a bike, using an xbox kinect!

Mind the Geek

What if you could increase safety for a large group of people in The Netherlands? We are talking about cyclists! The normal ones. Preferably the ones that need an extra set of eyes. You know, the people who are the same age as your parents. Who thought it would be fun and good for their health to get a new bike... the ones that go like hell… To help them being more safe our team created a system using the opencv ai kit oak-d camera(our Kinect) to alert them on time for oncoming traffic, potholes and other dangers. How? Come to this talk and take this ride with me.