Speaker Details

Tristan Stevens
Redpanda Data

Meet Tristan, the Head of Global Customer Success at Redpanda Data. With over a decade of experience in the Big Data and Analytics space, Tristan is passionate about helping clients optimize their streaming data solutions. He works closely with customers across various industries, ensuring they derive maximum value from their data investments.

In addition to his role at Redpanda Data, Tristan is involved in the Apache Flume project as a PMC member and committer. He’s dedicated to making data processes fast, easy, and secure, always prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else.

Tristan’s genuine interest lies in hearing how organizations are leveraging their data to drive success. He thrives on engaging with clients, understanding their unique challenges, and collaborating on effective solutions.

As a speaker, Tristan brings a wealth of practical knowledge and insights to the table. His down-to-earth approach and passion for customer success make him a relatable and engaging presence at conferences.

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Byte Size (INTERMEDIATE level)
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