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Nick Palmer
LMAX Group

Nick is a Lead Developer at LMAX Group since 2017, and a Java developer for around 15 years.

He works with other languages such as Python and Rust, but there's nothing like Java.

Shortcuts to Success
Byte Size (BEGINNER level)
Ever wondered how experienced developers seem to navigate their coding environments effortlessly? It's all about the magic of keyboard shortcuts!
In this talk, we'll unravel the secrets behind these time-saving gems and show you why they're a game-changer for developers.
Say goodbye to the mouse-driven maze and repetitive typing, join us on a journey to streamline your coding workflow. Learn why embracing keyboard shortcuts isn't just about speed but also about boosting your efficiency and confidence as a developer.
No more fumbling through menus – we'll demystify the most useful shortcuts, making your coding experience not only smoother but also more enjoyable.
Elevate your skills, impress your colleagues, and transform your coding game with the ultimate guide to mastering keyboard shortcuts.
How fast can Java handle a staggering 1 billion rows of data? Minutes? Seconds?
Hold your breath as we unravel the secrets in the "One Billion Row Challenge" presented by Gunnar Morling in January 2024, where Java developers worldwide competed for the fastest solution.
Join us in this workshop where we dissect pivotal Java features like (virtual) threads, memory-mapped files, byte buffers, memory segments, custom hashmaps, SWAR, and vectorization. Discover how these tools can propel your performance to the sub-second realm.
Unleash the full potential of these features as we guide you through crafting solutions to the Billion Row Challenge.
Gain insights into optimal utilization, tips, and tricks that not only conquer the challenge but are applicable in real-world scenarios.
Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your Java expertise, network with fellow developers, and revolutionize your approach to handling colossal datasets. Gear up for an exhilarating journey into the heart of Java's capabilities and take your skills to new heights.
Accelerate your Java prowess, join us at the forefront of performance innovation!