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Mattsi Jansky

Mattsi is an ambitious software developer that loves to learn and believes in "doing it right the first time", putting quality software first. He is a programming polygot with experience across dotnet, Java, JS & TS, NodeJS, React, Angular and more from a broad career touching on education, e-commerce, finance and healthcare. Over the past few years he has developed a keen interest in Rust, and spoke at the UK's first Rust conference.

Outside of software he enjoys music and festivals, chess and tabletop games, and takes an enthusiastic interest in science, technology, and self-improvement.

Rust 101: Understand the Hype
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Rust is an up-and-coming, safe and performant programming language with some very novel, funky features. But, most developers don't know why Rust is so talked about. What makes it different? Suitable to anyone with basic programming knowledge, beginner-friendly.