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Lize Raes
Open Tide

Lize is AI Transition Specialist at Open Tide, and Head of AI at a Swiss company specializing in software for drug discovery and gene technology. In parallel, she develops LLM-powered apps and is a core member of the LangChain4j team. Lize loves using technology to solve societal issues. This has driven her in the past to work as a cochlear implant researcher at Ghent University, to develop a COVID-19 prognosis model for advising the Belgian government, and to engage as a committee member for the CNCF + UN hackathon. In her free time, you will find her behind the piano or in her woodworking atelier.

Do you want to build applications powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) using Java?
We built LangChain4j exactly for that! The framework allows you to easily create AI-powered chatbots, process loads of unstructured data, and automate processes with the help of AI Services, that can use various tools: call APIs, access databases, and even dynamically execute generated code. You will get a hands-on guided tour through LangChain4j's functionality and its integrations (OpenAI, Google Gemini, HuggingFace, Dall-E, Quarkus, Spring Boot, etc.). We will explain the fundamental building blocks of LLM-powered applications and show you how to chain them together into AI Services. By the end of this session, you will have all the technical knowledge to start coding, along with plenty of inspiration for designing the new generation of apps.
LangChain4j in Action
Mini Lab (BEGINNER level)
In this fast-paced coding lab, we'll roll up our sleeves and build two practical LLM-powered applications with LangChain4j: a customer assistant booking agent and a chatbot for product feedback that automatically creates helpdesk tickets. Towards the end, we'll pool our collective brainpower to come up with the next-level LLM-(ab)using app - your ideas are the only limit! Join us, and let's code together.
Explore the power of a childlike learning approach in the workplace and discover how fostering curiosity, playfulness, and experimentation can transform your programming experience. In a working environment that encourages creativity, safe risk-taking, and collaborative learning, we achieve better problem-solving skills, a higher rate of innovation, and more happiness. Get ready to embrace a journey towards a love of lifelong learning and a more joyful and fulfilling coding career.