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Bouke Nijhuis

Bouke Nijhuis is the CTO at CINQ ICT. He likes to learn new things and he loves to live code on the stage. Furthermore he is an international speaker and a committer of open source projects. You can reach him on Twitter at @BoukeNijhuis.

TDD & generative AI - a perfect pairing?
Conference (BEGINNER level)
In this talk we will delve into the question whether generative AI can generate working code when we only provide test cases. So we take the main principle from TDD: we write the tests up front. Then we use a generative AI to create the code. If you wrote the tests correctly and they all pass, you should have a working prototype. Even better, if the tests pass and you trust the tests, the code is production ready!
With some live coding, we will explore this idea together. Furthermore we will take a look at the implications of this paradigm shift. After attending you should be able to apply this technique to your own projects.