Speaker Details

Anders Norås

Director of Software Engineering at Avanade

Originally educated in arts and design, Anders has spent the last twenty years writing code.

He has given numerous talks and keynotes at conferences such as JavaZone, NDC, J-Fall, Øredev and many more. Have given 100+ conference talks to a variety of audiences including media, design and hardcore computer science. Known for an energetic and highly engaging presentations.

Highscores: A History of Computer-Programmed Music
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Embark on a captivating journey through the enthralling history of music composed by code, from the scratchy notes of the CSIR Mark 1 playing "Colonel Bogey" in the 1950s to the epic proportions of modern computer-generated soundscapes. Join me in rediscovering the trailblazers who pioneered computer music, exploring classic video game soundtracks that became cultural anthems, and unveiling the magic of crafting big sounds with tiny technology.
Sit back and enjoy an action-packed 40 minute journey through the first experiments with computers composing music, vintage chip music on vintage computers, endless soundscapes performed by algorithms, rockstars’ secret lives as video game avatars and artificial intelligence creating artificial artists.
This is a journey that transcends time, resonating with the harmony of code and the symphony of innovation.