Speaker Details

Charles-Philippe Bernard
JP Morgan Chase

Charles-Philippe Bernard is a seasoned software engineer and IT leader with over two decades of experience, primarily focusing on User Experience, Generative AI, and Large Language Models. As a Senior Manager of Software Engineering at JP Morgan in Glasgow, UK, he excels in strategic leadership, project management, and driving technology-centered business strategies. His expertise is not only in leading international, cross-functional teams but also in steering large-scale business solutions to fruition.

Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, with a working knowledge of German, Italian, Arabic, and Moroccan, Charles-Philippe adds a rich, multicultural perspective to his professional endeavors. He is a passionate speaker, having shared his insights at prominent conferences like Google I/O Extended, Devfest, and Devoxx. His interests extend to developing XR/VR/AR experiences, demonstrating his commitment to exploring and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Charles-Philippe's dedication to continuous learning and sharing knowledge underscores his role as an innovative leader and mentor in the tech industry.

Ever fantasized about having an AI as your gaming buddy? Get ready to turn this dream into reality! 🌟🎲
In this electrifying session, we're bringing the Google Gemini demo video to life, but using GPT-4 😉. Join me as I demonstrate live gaming with GPT-4, a blend of text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and vision technology 🗣️👁️ and unravel the code behind it.
Experience firsthand the thrill of interacting with an AI companion in various games. Join me now!
#gpt-4 #langchain #TypeScript #AIagents #genAI
As AI integrates deeper into our lives, the balancing act between leveraging its power and protecting our privacy becomes more critical. 🌍🔐
In this essential talk, I will guide you through a comprehensive suite of tools and strategies designed to harness the capabilities of AI while fiercely guarding your privacy, intellectual property, and sensitive data. 🕵️‍♂️💻
Discover how to utilize AI to its fullest potential without exposing your private information. I'll introduce you to cutting-edge patterns, libraries, and practices that you can implement in your projects. These tools not only enhance the power and efficiency of AI in your work but also ensure that your, and your customers', privacy remains intact.
#gpt-4 #langchain #TypeScript #AIagents #genAI