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David Sheldon
ThousandEyes Part of Cisco

David has been a software developer for 20 years, currently at ThousandEyes, part of Cisco. With interests in how things work behind the scenes - particularly in the JVM and databases - and in graphing everything he can find.

The smart home you didn’t know you have
Tools-in-Action (BEGINNER level)
Home automation is a hot topic. If you have never particularly explored this topic, did you know that you might already have smart IoT devices waiting to be integrated together? If you have a few smart things (especially if they are from different vendors), did you know that you can bring them all together into one open-source tool? If you’re annoyed that your smart home stops working when the internet goes down, did you know you can fix that?
This talk focuses on Home Assistant (www.home-assistant.io), an open-source tool that can integrate all sorts of smart things in your home and bring them together with dashboard and complex (or silly?) automation.
The first part of the talk will cover the highlights of Home Assistant, how to get it running in minutes and an overview of what it can do.
With home automation, the limit is often your creativity, so the second part of the talk will focus on some of the fun projects David and César have implemented at home. Some of them are even arguably useful! No soldering required.