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Thomas Cooper

Red Hat

Tom is a Senior Software Engineer working for Red Hat on their messaging team. He is a developer on the Strimzi project, a CNCF sandbox project for running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes using operators. He has a PhD (from Newcastle University) in Distributed Stream Processing and has worked extensively on Apache Storm and Twitter's Heron stream processing systems.

Running Kafka on Kube the native way with the Strimzi Operator

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Apache Kafka is quickly becoming the de-facto distributed event streaming platform. It provides a scalable and reliable way to flow streams of events between your applications. But how do you keep these benefits when running it on a Kubernetes system? You need to be a domain expert on how to get Kafka and Kubernetes to work in harmony together, or find someone who is!

That's where the Strimzi operator comes in. Strimzi is an open-source Kubernetes operator that deploys and manages Kafka in a Kube-native way.

We will cover the key aspects of Kubernetes and Kafka you need to get right to deploy one onto the other and talk about how using an operator makes this easier. We will show examples of how the Strimzi operator manages Kafka effectively and set you on the right path for getting Kafka, or any other workload for that matter, deployed to Kubernetes the native way.

If you are curious about how operators can make managing applications easier, or are looking to deploy Kafka on Kubernetes this is the talk for you.

Apache Kafka
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