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Jan-Niklas Tille
Novatec Consulting GmbH

Jan-Niklas Tille is a recent graduate and Junior Consultant at Novatec Consulting GmbH. His main interests are the complexities of building and operating distributed systems. In his thesis, Jan-Niklas explored the issues related to traffic management, resilience, observability, and security in highly distributed microservices architectures and compared how service meshes like Istio and Cilium can help to address them. Recognizing the rising complexity of applications and the importance of effective monitoring, Jan-Niklas is currently involved in research on OpenTelemetry.

OpenTelemetry Hands-On
Mini Lab (INTERMEDIATE level)
In today's modern software landscape - in the cloud-native one in particular - observability has become a critical aspect of ensuring the performance, reliability, and security of applications. OpenTelemetry, a standard and open-source observability framework, provides a unified way to collect and export telemetry data from applications and services. This hands-on lab will guide participants through the process of using OpenTelemetry to instrument a simple application, collect metrics, traces, and logs, and send them to various backends for analysis.
The lab covers the implementation and usage of OpenTelemetry into Python and Java-based application. Each participant will get a dedicated environment.
The exercise include
  • the instrumentation of a polyglot microservice application
  • auto-instrumentation vs. manual instrumentation
  • evaluating the collected traces, logs and metrics
  • configuring a collector
  • analysing the results in Jaeger
This lab is made for developers seeking a pragmatic understanding of OpenTelemetry's immediate benefits. Walk away with practical skills that can be implemented right away in your projects, and elevate your observability game in just 90 minutes.