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Lindsay Kohler


Lindsay Kohler is the lead behavioral scientist at a top U.K. consultancy and holds an MSc in Behavioral Science from The London School of Economics. A frequent speaker at industry events, she bridges the gap between academia and insights companies can use through the art of storytelling, and has consulted for top brands such as Adobe, Facebook, Salesforce, and more. She is a Forbes contributor, and her writing has also appeared in Harvard Business Review, HRDirector, Workforce, and she's been quoted by Fast Company and many other business publications. Her debut book — Even Better If: Building Better Businesses, Better Leaders, and Better Selves — is being published this fall.

Real Talk: It’s Time To Talk About Our Feelings

Depression, anxiety, fear, stress, and loneliness took centre stage the last 18 months. When we understand how these strong emotions impact our work, we’re able to make changes that improve our day-to-day experience on the job.

Wellbeing should everyone’s responsibility within the workplace, be it office-based or a remote environment. By learning how to recognise signs that colleagues may be struggling, and discovering how to be helpful to a colleague dealing with a mental health challenge, we can create more positive and nurturing working cultures.

Mental Health