Speaker Details

Jonas Mayer
TNG Technology Consulting

Jonas Mayer is a Senior Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting. As Head of Innovation Hacking, his main focus lies on creating innovative showcases and prototypes in soft- and hardware. Since 2018 he's been working on numerous projects ranging from market-leading Realtime Deepfakes, an LLM Shitposting AI, all the way to autonomous drone racing. As a keynote speaker, he has been talking about the Innovation Hacking projects at over a hundred conferences all across IT and Tech. Prior to joining TNG, Jonas studied Informatics: Games Engineering at TU Munich. More information can be found at innovation-hacking.com.

In the age of Deepfakes and Large Language Models (LLMs), the threat of misusing AI for shaping and manipulating public sentiment has reached unprecedented levels. In this talk, we shed light on the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and its potential implications for our societies.
As pivotal elections in both the UK and USA loom in 2024, it is important to understand the evolving landscape of political influence, particularly in the digital realm. Remembering the impact of Cambridge Analytica’s manipulation during the Brexit era serves as a reminder of how information can be distorted to sway public opinion. In this keynote, we show the capabilities of modern AI and how they can be misused for shaping public opinion, using examples like Realtime Deepfakes and LLM-powered chatbots. Through a series of live demonstrations and showcases, we unveil the inner workings and technical foundation of these neural networks, highlight their capabilities and their weaknesses, and give an outlook on how we as a society can resist manipulation.
In a world where technology shapes narratives, understanding its potential and pitfalls is crucial. This talk aims to spark discourse and promote a future where technology serves societal betterment, not manipulation.