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Sam Basak
Ada. National College for Digital Skills

Sam currently works as a lecturer for Ada National College for Digital skills teaching apprentices during their first years in industry. She has done a number of roles including data analyst, teaching at a coding boot camp and most recently (and probably most challenging) being a stay at home mum to her two young children. In her free time Sam enjoys doing random coding challenges. Her most notable project being the building of a calculator that plays disco music, this project led to her doing a talk at Devoxx and a slot at a London Comedy Club.

How to over engineer a New Year's Eve Party
Ignite (BEGINNER level)
This year I visited some friends for new years, his house has lots of rooms and lots of people to fit in those rooms. This leads to a lots of unnecessary stress to organise every year. As a group of like minded mathematicians and techies we helped them in the only way we knew how, with prosecco, hangover bacon and graph theory.
Join us to see how a seemingly simple problem can produce a surprising number of edge cases and difficult conversations.