Speaker Details

Calle Svensson

KRY International AB

Carl Svensson is a security professional and hobbyist currently working as the head of security at Swedish healthcare startup, KRY. He is a frequent CTF player for the Swedish top team HackingForSoju and an active member of the Swedish and international security community with a great fondness for a broad range of topics, reverse engineering being one of his favorites. If you have questions about the contents of this training, feel free to get in touch at calle.svensson@zeta-two.com.

Better security through CTF

Hands-on Lab

In an increasingly digital and connected world security becomes ever more important ech day. More services are digitalized and more and more personal data is processed every day in increasingly complex inter-connected systems. The need for IT skills in general and security skills particular are in high demand and it's important that all developers, not just specialized security engineers, know about application security.

This workshop will introduce Capture the Flag, CTF, as a fun and engaging way of learning more about IT security by pitting the participant against challenges from a wide range of security related topics such as application security, cryptography and IT forensics. You will learn what CTFs are, why they are a great tool for learning, how to participate in them and look at concrete examples by working through a handful of exercises together. The goal is that you will leave the session wanting for more challenges to attempt and solve, either on your own or with your colleagues and friends.

You will need to bring a laptop with a *nix based operating system (a virtual machine or WSL on Windows works fine).