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Theresa Mammarella


Theresa is a software developer on IBM’s Runtime Technologies team working on Eclipse OpenJ9 and IBM’s Java SDK. She has had the opportunity to share her knowledge of Java and JVMs as a speaker at EclipseCon Europe and JAX Mainz.

Puzzling out Java's Project Jigsaw


While modularity isn't exactly new (ehem... OSGi), the introduction of Jigsaw (JPMS) in Java 9 moved the concept to the front of developers minds. But while migrating to Java 9+ brings some challenges, it's not actually necessary to write modules. So why care about modularity if the classpath is still good enough? Can modularity bring any practical value to your applications? In this session I'll discuss why you should consider leveraging JPMS in designing new Java applications and highlight some practical knowledge and resources to get you started.

Java 9 Modularity