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Richard Warburton


Richard Warburton is the CTO and cofounder of Opsian - a cutting edge Performance Tooling company and lead developer of the High Performance Artio FIX Engine. He’s also a Pluralsight Trainer, Best Selling Book Author and Conference Speaker, PhD, Londoner.

Express yourself: solving the expression problem using Modern Java

Can you believe it is Java 17 already? Another small update? Not this time, Java 9 to Java 17 has brought significant changes in how we can now write day to day Java code. Introducing, Functional Programming 2.0. In this talk, we will cover the notorious expression problem and how it can be addressed using Java’s most modern language features including switch expression, sealed classes and pattern matching. We will incrementally refactor a code written pre-Java 9, using new features and approaches whilst showing the resulting code benefits including cohesion, decoupling and readability.

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