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Denis Jannot


Denis is the Director of Field Engineering at Solo.io, a company building application networking solutions for the edge and service mesh. Denis is a passionate engineer who has spent his career in technical roles working directly with customers and users in architecting and adopting technologies like Object Storage, Big Data, Containerization, Service Mesh into their infrastructure. He enjoys sharing what he learns with the community and can be found creating demos, writing blogs, and speaking at events.

Multicluster Istio Workshop

This workshop is based on Istio and Gloo Mesh (https://github.com/solo-io/gloo-mesh).
It's a hands-on workshop where each participant has a dedicated VM.
In the VM, they deploy 3 Kubernetes clusters using Kind.
One cluster is a management plane where Gloo Mesh is deployes, while Istio is deployed in the 2 other clusters.
Then, they federate the identity of the Istio clusters, configure cross cluster communications, failover, play with WASM, ...
And before each lab, we go through some slides. For example, before the identity federation, we explain them what is SPIFFE, how it's used in Istio, ...
The labs are publicly available: