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Stefan Johansson

Stefan is a software engineer working in the HotSpot GC-team at Oracle. He joined the GC-team in 2013 and has been active in OpenJDK since then with a focus on the G1 and ZGC garbage collectors. Prior to working with GC in the JVM he was working on other JVM related projects at Oracle.

Garbage Collection in Java: The progress since JDK 8
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Garbage collection (GC) is a key feature of the Java Platform that enables automatic memory management, allowing developers to focus on solving problems other than low-level memory management.
Since JDK 8, the GC performance have improved significantly, removing much of the overhead usually associated with automatic memory management. In this talk we will explore:
- the basics of GC
- what different GC algorithms are available and their key differences
- how choosing the right GC and upgrading to a recent JDK can improve the performance of your services