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Thomas Boni


I am a GitLab certified CI/CD specialist. Open source and DevOps methodologies enthusiast, I love to help developers to make their daily-work efficient by simplifying development process and automating tasks. Sharing my experiences is part of the process to support developers!

Create together a test platform for CI/CD jobs

R2Devops is an open source and collaborative hub, offering a library of plug & play jobs you can use to build your CI/CD pipeline. The days when you spend time building your pipelines are finally over! Thanks to R2Devops, you only have to chose from the library the jobs you want to implement in your pipeline, include them in your yaml file and launch your project!

We want to offer the possibility, for everyone, to test the job’s behavior directly from the doc before including them in a project, with a playground. Help us create this playground and improve our processes!

You can take a look at R2Devops before the D-day in order to be fully ready to work on it!

As a prerequisite, if your going to join us, please check out https://about.gitlab.com/blog/2020/07/06/beginner-guide-ci-cd/ 


Software Development
Open Source
CI/CD Practices