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Darren Haken

Auto Trader

Darren is a technology leader with a passion for building high performing teams and creating a culture of continuous improvement. A software engineer at heart, with a focus on cloud, distributed systems and most recently big data platforms.

Building a metadata ecosystem with DBT

dbt has democratised the role of ‘Analytics Engineering’. It has empowered a new wave of ‘data practitioners’ across teams within the Data Mesh.

The Data Mesh is an architectural paradigm that decentralises data into product teams over a centralised data team.

Combining dbt and the data mesh creates an explosion of data practitioners and with it many organisational challenges such as:
* How do you maintain high-quality dbt code across teams? 
* Who owns what data? 
* If data breaks in production who is the team responsible to fix it?
* How do you discover data built by other teams and leverage it within your own development?

Data Consistency