Image: Illustration of COVID-19, created by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Devoxx UK is scheduled to take place May 13th to May 15th 2020 at the Business Design Centre in London. 

Given the escalating situation in regards to Covid-19 (coronavirus), our team is constantly monitoring developments and taking on board all advice from the UK Government, the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England. The health and safety of all Devoxx UK participants, their families and associates is our primary concern. 

There is nothing in current advice to suggest that we will have to postpone Devoxx UK, but we are not ruling out the possibility at this stage. It is our hope that despite the current situation, we will be able to continue with the conference as planned whilst putting into place added measures to have the safest possible event for all involved. 

However should we be advised, or feel that it would be in everybody’s best interest that we alter our plans, we will provide an update right away. 

We are preparing plan B and plan C scenarios should the situation worsen to the extent that we are forced to postpone. As organisers we will face additional costs and organisational issues, but we take our responsibilities seriously and we will do everything we can in order to have the safest possible event for all participants. 

We appreciate your support whilst we continue our efforts to ensure a safe event for all. 

We will keep you informed of developments and update this page whenever necessary.

Please do everything you can to stay safe and healthy. 

For more information about Covid-19 see  NHS UK. Covid-19 updates from Public Health England (PHE) can be found on the PHE blog.

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