Dream of public speaking? Is there something stopping you?

At Devoxx UK we’re always keen to see new people coming forward to share fresh perspectives. And we’re always keen to unearth new speaking talent and see members of the community go on to speak at events around the globe.

A few years ago we ran our first New Speakers Academy and helped some passionate developers become brilliant first-time conference speakers at Devoxx UK.

The New Speakers Academy returns next week on the 11th of December at 19:00, in London. We’d love for you to join us! The academy is aimed at novice speakers – people who have never done it before, or have limited experience with presenting and want to take that first step. It is very much an introductory session (although more confident speakers are welcome), and will focus on skills required to be a successful conference speaker.

Who will be there?

We have the the following Devoxx UK supporters and speaking talent on hand to guide you:

Sam Hepburn, Developer Community Manager at Snyk

Sam is a community builder, public speaker and host of the podcast #BusyBeingHuman.

Steve Poole, Program Team

Steve Poole, Developer Advocate at IBM

Steve is a seasoned international conference speaker, DevOps practitioner and a serial open source projects committer

Chris Thalinger, Staff Software Engineer at Twitter

Chris is a speaker, Java Champion, organiser of UnVoxxed Hawaii and lead of Hawaii JUG

Blanca Garcia Gil, Principal Systems Engineer at BBC

Blanca attended the New Speaker Academy in 2018 and went on to give her first conference talk at Devoxx UK

Grace Jansen, Steering Team

Grace Jansen, Developer Advocate at IBM

Grace is a relatively new conference speaker. She’s getting rave reviews and is a winner of a 2019 #TechWomen100 award

Mark Hazell, Devoxx UK organiser

General cat herder and conference veteran

What will we cover?

The big step to submitting to the CFP was confidence… ” (Previous graduate of the academy Blanca Garcia Gill).

We’ll cover the basics. We’ll look at submitting to a Call For Papers (CFP) and some insider tips to consider when submitting your talk ideas. We’ll give you some simple guidelines to help prepare you for your first presentation. Finally we’ll look at Speaking 101!

One of the most important things you should get from this session is how you’re going to handle having a sea of faces staring expectantly at you when you take to the stage.

Is this for me?

Do the following apply to you?

  • You’d like to present at an event or meetup, but you’re not confident enough yet
  • You’re wondering if you could present at Devoxx UK or another conference
  • You want practical help getting started with public speaking
  • You’re simply curious about what it’s like

If so, we’d love to see you next week. Sign up here!

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