Talk by Session Types

50 minutes sessions on a range of different technologies, practices and methodologies
Developer Productivity Engineering: What's in it for me?
Empowering Growth: The Art of Harnessing Your Mentor's Expertise as a Senior Developer
From Idea to IDE - How Java Features Are Considered, Designed, And Shipped
Going AOT: Everything you need to know about GraalVM for Java applications
Hear! Hear! An accessibility tale from a hearing-impaired Senior Software Engineer
How To Not Strangle Your Coworkers: Resolving Conflict with Collaboration
Improving Java Application Security with Practical Hardening Strategies
Java Meets AI: How to Build LLM-Powered Applications with LangChain4j
Lincheck: A Practical Framework for Testing Concurrent Data Structures on JVM
More tales from the Dark Side: How AI is the bad guys new friend
Pushing Java to the Limits: Processing a Billion Rows in under 2 Seconds
Smooth Sailing in the Cloud-Native Storm: Tools for better confidence in microservices development
Winning at Continuous Deployment with the Expand/Contract Pattern (Live Demo)