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Methodology & Culture

Working on legacy code-bases can only be boring if you let it; see, the beauty of ancient code is not only the ability to discover it, but also the capacity to instrument it and modify it to the better.

From enabling a mono-repo of scattered repositories, to tracking down code that needs to be deprecated and replaced at a large scale, my team has seen it all.

In this workshop, you will discover the basics of writing a maven plugin, and how to consume ArchUnit, and use both of them to your advantage the same way we did.

Code Quality
Stub Code

Hasnae Rehioui


Hasnae is a dreamer trapped in an over-achiever, and when it comes to her beloved product Confluence, she dreams big. Most importantly she does it with style, character, and a great focus on quality which inspires her team and anyone else she gets to work with to improve and grow in their own respective roles. She’s an expert at using wit and humour to shed light on nasty code health problems, and contributes fresh perspectives on how to address them.