Kafka and Pulsar: a gentle comparison

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Apache Kafka has been the go-to publish-subscribe (pub-sub) messaging system for a while. It offers functionality for a wide range of enterprise use cases, along with a large ecosystem of tools and a dedicated community. But lately, upstart Apache Pulsar has been gaining ground. Pulsar takes the best parts of Kafka and expands on them to solve problems that were out of scope of Kafka’s original design but which are lately coming to Kafka. In this session we'll cover the differences between them, how to choose one depending on your use case and the state of the art of both. If you have interest in messaging brokers and how they work under the hood, this session is for you.

Scheduled on Tuesday from 11:20 to 12:10 in Room E

Big Data - How Streaming
Apache Kafka

Anton Rodriguez

New Relic

Antón is a Principal Software Engineer focused on Data in motion. He has experience working with different message brokers, event streaming platforms and stream processing frameworks. During his career, he specialised in building internal SaaS in big corporations to make complex technologies easily used and adopted by teams so they can build solutions to real business use cases. He’s also a JUG organiser, blogger, podcaster and speaker.