Java Next - New Releases, Amber, Valhalla, and More Goodies


With Java's switch to a six-month release schedule, the community needs to step up its game to stay up to date. Instead of having a year or more to prepare for a new release, it's a mere three months - we need to be better informed about what's going on to see changes coming before they're out.

This talk:

  • explains the details behind the new schedule and how to stay up to date
  • showcases Java 9 to 14 language features like `var` and switch expressions
  • shows the future of Java, brought by projects like Valhalla, Amber, and others
  • looks at features of upcoming releases like pattern matching, value types, and fibers

Afterwards, you will not only know about the immediate future but also how to stay up to date without much effort.


Nicolai Parlog


Nicolai is a thirty-year-old boy, as the narrator would put it (if he’s generous), who has found his passion in software development (mostly Java) and who codes for a living as well as for fun. He also blogs, writes, newsletters, speaks, chats, records, streams, trains, and consults about it, and organizes a conference - not all at the same time, but in prolific fits and starts with high throughput and long latencies. If you want to take the wheel, hire him for in-house trainings on new Java features, migrations to Java 9+, and JUnit 5. His home is at