Planning my Summer Vacation using Python, Machine Learning and Cloud Services

Data & AI

I'm planning the family summer vacation. This year is going to be a little different. This year I'm going to use Python, Machine Learning and Oracle Cloud to plan the vacation. It will be a driving holiday in Scotland, but what places do we visit and in what order? Using details of local landmarks and family personal interest, Python and machine learning are used to identify different groupings of local landmarks matching those interests. Combining the outputs of the Python Machine Learning a driving route will be planned to optimise the number of landmarks to visit, where to stay and what else to visit and then saving the details to Oracle Cloud. Do one thing for me!  Don't tell my family this is how our vacation is being planned.

Machine Learning

Brendan Tierney


Brendan Tierney, Oracle GroundBreaker Ambassador & Oracle ACE Director, is an independent consultant (Oralytics) and lectures on data science, databases, and Big Data at the Technological University Dublin. He has 26+ years of experience working in the areas of data mining, data science, Big Data, and data warehousing. Brendan is a recognized Data Science and Big Data expert and has worked on projects in Ireland, the UK, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Spain, Canada, and the U.S. He is an active blogger and also writes articles for Oracle Magazine, OTN, Oracle Scene, IOUG SELECT Journal, ODTUG Technical Journal, and ToadWorld. Brendan has published four books, three with Oracle Press/McGraw-Hill (Predictive Analytics Using Oracle Data Miner, Oracle R Enterprise: Harnessing the Power of R in Oracle Database, and Real World SQL and PL/SQL: Advice from the Experts) and one with MIT Press (Essentials of Data Science). These books are available on Amazon, in print, ebook and audio book formats. Web and blog: Twitter: @brendantierney