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Depression, dark thoughts, anxiety – These are some of the words that most of us would like to add to our ignore file. Discussing mental health is still taboo in our society, and it’s even more so in the developer ecosystem, where we pride ourselves on working long hours and our lack of sleep.

More than ever, we need to talk about mental health! This is why I want to share my experience with depression, general anxiety, ADHD, and experience volunteering at a suicide prevention hotline. Along with my thoughts on how we can improve the situation, I’ll be sharing some tips to help people be more open about these topics and issues – more importantly, I want to touch on how those struggling can ask for help and assistance when needed.

Frédéric Harper


As the Director of Developer Relations at Mindee, Frédéric Harper helps developers merge the physical and digital worlds using the magic of machine learning coupled with the ease of APIs. Fred has shared his passion for technology on the stage at dozens of events around the world. He’s helped build successful communities at npm, Mozilla, Microsoft, DigitalOcean, and Fitbit, and is the author of the book Personal Branding for Developers at Apress. Behind this extrovert is a very passionate individual who believes in the power of communication... and cat videos.