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PHP sucks! C# is just a Java rip-off! Kotlin is better than Java! English is just weird!


Every language is cool and unique in its own way and will influence the way you see and use your own favourite language. Put aside your preconceptions, and let me show you what I have learned from working with Java, Ruby, Elm, and yes: even PHP.

Scheduled on Tuesday from 13:25 to 13:40 in Room B

Programming Languages

Jan Ouwens


Jan is a developer, architect and Java juggler at Yoink in the Netherlands; he is interested in back-end systems, functional programming and languages. He has worked in various fields, such as banking, retail, law enforcement, transportation and electron microscopy, but he is perhaps best known for being the author of EqualsVerifier, a tool that rigourously tests Java's equals and hashCode methods in a single line.