From MongoDB to Mobile in 50 minutes

Programming Languages
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This talk will guide you on how to get your data from MongoDB Atlas i.e your backend to your mobile app i.e your front end. 

You will learn the workflow of Realm Sync and how it syncs your writes from the cloud to your Android application and from your application to the cloud. 

In the process, you will understand

  1. Account Creation on MongoDB Cloud
  2. Realm Database on mobile
  3. Schema Generation based on your collections in Atlas
  4. Sync Development Types with focus on Partition Sync for App
  5. Offline access to your data

By the end of the talk, you will have a Restaurant App shared among your family to decide on a restaurant and meet there for lunch or a dinner

Henna Singh


I recently started a new role as Community Manager for Realm. Before this, I was working as Technical Service Engineer, Realm at MongoDB where my major responsibility was helping our customers with Realm implementation. My super power is Android, Kotlin and Realm Database

I am also lead organizer for Google Developer Groups (GDG) and Women Techmakers Dublin chapter. I have co-hosted multiple technical and leadership events. I am also part of the Women Group at MongoDB.