How Microsoft Learned to Love Java

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This session is a fast-paced tour of all things Java and Azure at the modern Microsoft of today. We will first talk about the why, how and what of Java and Microsoft. We will then dive right into the broad range of tools, services and APIs that Microsoft offers around Azure for Java developers. Lastly, we will discuss the road map for what Java developers can expect from Microsoft in the future. This session is as much about sharing what Microsoft offers today as it is about listening to what the Java community wants to see from Microsoft tomorrow.

Martijn Verburg


Principal Group Engineering Manager for Java at Microsoft. Formerly the CEO of jClarity (acquired by MSFT), co-founder of AdoptOpenJDK (now Eclipse Adoptium), Speaker, Co-Author of the Well Grounded Java Developer, sits on too many Java and Open Source standards bodies :-). At times, The Diabolical Developer.