The Diabolical Developer's Guide to running Java *efficiently* in Containers on Cloud Infrastructure

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The year is 2022 and legions of Python and NodeJS developers sense blood in the water. "When you deploy Java workloads on containers in cloud environments it's slower than is and it takes up more room. Java is doomed, long live NodeJS and Python!". The enlightened Java developer or SRE knows this is not necessarily so (but will grudgingly admit you've got to tweak a few things).

From his experience of helping run over a million JVMs in the Microsoft Cloud, the Diabolical Developer will take you through a list of best practices to fine tune your Java workloads in containers up in the clouds (buzz words achievement unlocked!). This will include understanding cloud resources, container constraints, how to tune JVM internals like the Garbage Collector and common settings for popular libraries and frameworks.

Martijn Verburg


Principal Group Engineering Manager for Java at Microsoft. Formerly the CEO of jClarity (acquired by MSFT), co-founder of AdoptOpenJDK (now Eclipse Adoptium), Speaker, Co-Author of the Well Grounded Java Developer, sits on too many Java and Open Source standards bodies :-). At times, The Diabolical Developer.