Marvels of Teenage Engineering

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Since the dawn of the microcomputer era, kids have been wonderstruck by the amazing things computers can do. Some of these kids went on to write groundbreaking programs pushing their computers way beyond the limits of what their computers were designed for.

In this talk Anders Norås tell the previously untold stories of these Marvels of Teenage Engineering. We’ll get to see vintage code on vintage computers using black magic programming tricks so advanced that they will amaze even the most seasoned developers.

Anders Norås


Originally educated in arts and design, Anders has spent the last twenty years writing code.

He has given numerous talks and keynotes at conferences such as JavaZone, NDC, J-Fall, Øredev and many more. Have given 100+ conference talks to a variety of audiences including media, design and hardcore computer science. Known for an energetic and highly engaging presentations.