Kubernetes & Co, beyond the kype: 10 tips for designers who want to create cloud native apps


Kubernetes and cloud technologies are nowadays the new standard to deploy different cloud native applications: api, batchs, microservices and ... monoliths!

These technologies help to solve many issues but with some complexity.

It could be difficult for developers and designers to identify the constraints of such architectures.

In this presentation, you will (re)discover ten tips and pieces of advice I applied and found useful in my last JAVA projects (Spring, JEE).

I will talk about:

  • Application ecosystem
  • Choice of technical solutions
  • Development
  • K8S design constraints
  • And more!

Scheduled on Monday from 11:50 to 12:40 in Room E

Cloud Native Applications
Cloud Native Java

Alexandre Touret


After almost twenty years in IT in Paris then Tours, I joined equensWorldline as software architect at the Acquiring department since 2018. All along my career, I had the opportunity to work on several functional and technical fields (development, architecture, production, ERP, training,...) and project management too. My business activity consists of coding, coaching developers and designing software architectures. Moreover, I appreciate sharing my skills and learning from my peers. My main expertise fields are software architecture and engineering.