Like me, do you have a love of baking shows? Is there a particular one you like where you need to identify the cake from a lineup of similar items? As much as I love watching baking shows, I struggle to pick out the cake. Leading me to wonder if I could build a model to better find the cakes for me.
Join me as I attempt to use pre-existing models to find the cake. I'll also try to build my own image classification model, and use it in a simple web app to see if we can find the cake better than a machine learning model.
Carly Richmond
Carly is a Principal Developer Advocate at Elastic, based in London, UK. Before joining Elastic in 2022, she spent over 10 years working as a technologist at a large investment bank, specialising in front-end web development and agility. She is a UI developer, who occasionally dabbles in writing backend services, speaker and a regular blogger.
She enjoys cooking, photography, drinking tea, and chasing after her young son in her spare time.