The Zen School of GitHub Actions

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GitHub Actions is becoming increasingly popular. With its deep integration with GitHub and its thriving ecosystem, it is understandable why Actions is becoming the go-to solution for continuous integration and continuous delivery for GitHub users around the world.

If you are beginning your journey with GitHub Actions or want to pick up some top tips to make your workflows sing with delight then this is the session for you.

It covers the good, the bad and things you won’t find in the documentation. A harmony of quick wins and hard-earned knowledge discovered by using Actions in the real world.

Achieving one-ness with the (GitHub) Universe guaranteed.

Jonathan Ruckwood


Jonathan Ruckwood is a Lead Consultant at OpenCredo helping companies with Platform Engineering, Cloud Native Architecture and Data Engineering problems. Jonathan has spent the majority of his life on the JVM and in the Cloud – mostly using Java and AWS – across a variety of areas including FinTech, InsureTech, Logistics, Smart Homes, Energy and Education. 

He has a keen interest in eliminating annoying friction from developers' day-to-day lives to enable them to get on with the interesting stuff.