What Happens to Encryption in a Quantum-Classical World? | Lets ask Alice, Bob and Eve

Coding in 2030
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Quantum computers are the future, they are the silver bullet. They can solve problems faster, are a major power boost and amazing when it comes to clickbait or stock prices.

Now for the reality check. 

When quantum computers are large scale they will be able to break most classical encryption in moments. All those things you love doing securely on the web, insta, email, crypto; will become a lot less safe. We won’t address the point when they become cheap and widely available, it’s only 2030.

However it’s not the end of the world. Systems to secure against quantum and classical systems are already in play. The National Institute of Standards and Technology began looking at standards for such systems before 2020. 

In the quantum-classical world, what do you want to know about how your role may change?

Danni Youziel

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Danni is a software developer in FinTech, with interests in security and data privacy. She has been fascinated with Identity Management ever since she saw someone pay for coffee with their face. In a previous life Danni had a slight obsession with the definition of time and holds an MRes in Quantum Physics from Imperial College London. She is passionate about diversity and volunteers to coach underrepresented people in tech.