Artificial Intelligence through the ages

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Everybody and their aunts talk about AI and want to use it. How many know for how long has humanity been dreaming about it? What is the oldest known record of an imagined autonomous vehicle? Let’s find out how artificial intelligence has been envisioned, from Antiquity until today: books, movies, scientists, researchers… We will look at the history of AI with compelling examples and stories from some of the most important periods of this journey towards creating intelligent entities. It will be a great ride!

At the end of this talk, you will have a good understanding of the history and reasons behind the research that led to today’s features and tomorrow’s advancements.

Scheduled on Tuesday from 13:25 to 13:40 in Auditorium

Artificial Intelligence

Vasco Veloso


Vasco Veloso has been developing software for over twenty years. From assembly, through C, C++ and Prolog, to Java, Scala and Kotlin, on big and small computers, from floppy disks to SSDs, on-premises and cloud, he's been there, done that and used it. He loves to learn how things work and then show others what he found: he even disassembled his grandfather's watch as a kid. Then grew up to (dis)assemble software and hardware in the form of embedded systems. His current challenges come from his work as a Senior Software Developer at ING Bank in Amsterdam. He brings teams together to produce well-crafted software. He still enjoys sharing knowledge by teaching and learning and continues to design software and connected devices. In his spare time, he’s discovering the city of Amsterdam, loves photography and is very much interested in the aviation industry. Has flown ultralight aircraft and truly believes in the focus necessary to keep flying, reach the destination and still enjoy the scenery along the way.