Architecture Decision Records - How not to get lost in the past
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room D

ADR, or Architecture Decision Record, is a valuable tool in software development for several reasons. It provides a centralized location for documenting and tracking architectural decisions, aiding both current and future team members. ADRs enhance communication among team members by documenting the rationale behind architectural decisions, especially beneficial during onboarding of new team members or when revisiting decisions. They serve as a knowledge base, enabling teams to learn from past decisions and refine their decision-making process. Additionally, ADRs contribute to transparency by helping stakeholders understand the reasons behind specific architectural choices. As with any other tool or process, introducing them into an organization can face several obstacles, and overcoming these challenges is crucial for successful implementation. In this talk I go through some common problems and our way of solving them.
Krisztian Papp
KrisztiƔn is a principal engineer at Diligent with over a decade of hands-on experience in creating and maintaining software. Currently he is leading the movement of a diverse set of products towards the cloud. He is the founder of the community, creating a supportive environment where individuals can thrive, share their knowledge, and collectively contribute to the advancement of technology.