Join us in this demo-heavy, football-themed session as, with just a few clicks and keystrokes, we unravel the mystery behind the search bar. Inspired by our World Cup delirium, our demo will allow users to scour across an expansive player dataset to find the best players with the most impossible-to-spell names. Teaming up the lightning-fast Apache Lucene with a MongoDB, developers will learn dream search functionality while building their own dream team.

We get the ball rolling equipped with only a search box, sliders and checkboxes in a code sandbox. In no time, developers will leave with a fully-managed, hosted app and the confidence to send all your application users’ search queries straight to the back of the net! Autocomplete, wildcard, and filters to find Ibrahimović, Błaszczykowski, and Szczęsny? No problem!

Karen Huaulme

As a Principal Developer Advocate at MongoDB, Karen Huaulmé (pronounced “You-Old-Maid” - but with no d’s) develops and presents applications to help developers unleash their creativity across all aspects of data and technology. Leveraging her past experience as a Solutions Architect for some of MongoDB’s most demanding customers, Karen loves to trigger that “aha” moment in the minds of developers - when they recognize a better path to simplify, enhance, and accelerate their projects in ways they never thought possible.

Prior to MongoDB, Karen spent most of her career working with video game developers as a Solutions Architect and Integration Engineer at Nvidia, Amazon and Twitch. In her free time, Karen embarrasses her 2 kids, spoils her dog, and feeds her addiction to adventure travel - not necessarily in that order.