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As developers, we spend a lot of time in our IDEs, but we hardly use its full potential. A craftsman should know its tools inside out. So a Java developer should also know its IDE inside out. I decided to become proficient in using my favorite IDE: IntelliJ. In this presentation I will show you what I learned in this journey and I will help you to become proficient with IntelliJ as well.

We will discuss how you can navigate faster through your code and the IDE itself. Furthermore I will show you how IntelliJ can assist you in writing better code faster. Last but not least we will talk about all kinds of refactoring it can do for you.

After attending this session you will know the hidden gems of IntelliJ and you can start using them to increase your productivity and to impress your colleagues. 🙂

Scheduled on Tuesday from 12:20 to 12:50 in Room A

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Bouke Nijhuis


Bouke Nijhuis is a managing consultant at CINQ ICT. He likes to learn new things and he likes it even more to explain those to other people. Furthermore he is an international speaker and a committer of open source projects. You can reach him on Twitter at @boukenijhuis.